Tiny Stompers Baby Massage

Baby Massage courses are offered as a one to one in the comfort of your own home, as a private group booking at your chosen location, or within a class environment at one of Tiny Stompers Baby Massage hired venues.

The sessions are very relaxing with basic to advanced techniques taught in every class to aid in bonding and child development. Techniques are also shown to help decrease pain caused by colic, constipation and teething. This wonderful mobile baby massage service covers York, Thirsk, Easingwold and surrounding villages.

Why choose Tiny Stompers Baby Massage?

  • We are fully insured
  • Becky is a qualified Baby Massage Therapist with Distinction
  • This wonderful mobile baby massage service covers York, Thirsk, Easingwold and surrounding villages
  • Basic and advanced techniques are taught in every course with recaps provided each week
  • All classes are within a relaxing environment with time for a nice hot drink afterwards
  • All equipment and oils are provided plus a certificate on completion of the course... just you and your baby are needed!
  • Fed is best for babies so don't worry if your baby needs feeding during the course, breast or bottle, however you choose
  • After a Tiny Stompers Baby Massage class, we encourage calm, quiet time time with Mummy or Daddy so that baby can continue feeling relaxed, have a drink if they need to, and be ready for a rest.
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One to one courses

4 or 5 week private course
in the comfort of your home


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50% deposit required on booking

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Private group bookings

4 or 5 week group booking
at your chosen location
for up to 10 babies


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(price does not include venue hire)

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Tiny Stompers classes in hired venues

4 or 5 week course
located at one of our
lovely hired venues


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Preparing for your Tiny Stompers Baby Massage

  • All equipment is included whichever booking option you choose.
  • Babies will need their clothing removed, nappies are optional, so we suggest baby is wearing something easy to take off and on.
  • Bring a change of clothes, nappies in case of accidents, milk (if bottle feeding), a favourite quiet toy or comforter
  • The sessions last up to 45 minutes. This time allows for getting baby ready, massage time, baby's individual needs, questions, recaps and a refreshing drink afterwards.
  • It is expected that babies are not always 'in the mood' for a massage. Demonstrations and recaps are available each week. Please do not worry if your baby cries, has an accident or needs feeding.
  • It is not advised to massage your baby up to a week after their vaccinations. Please ensure you have sought the advice of any healthcare professionals before participating in the Baby Massage Classes.
  • You will be the only person who will massage your baby.
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