Tiny Stompers Baby Massage

Welcome to Tiny Stompers Baby Massage Classes

A warm, beautiful, holistic environment created for you and your baby. Whether within a class environment or in your own home, you will share a delightful massage experience between you and your precious little one. Baby massage is a special, wonderful experience to share together.

You will learn different soothing and relaxing massage techniques each week which aid in your baby's development, promote the special bond you both have and aid in their sleep routine. There are also massage techniques shown to aid in colic, constipation and congestion relief.

All high quality, thoroughly researched baby massage oils, which are needed during the sessions, along with soft towels and luxurious, individual massage mats are provided.

One to One Classes

  • 4 or 5 week course at your chosen location
  • £100
  • 50% deposit required on booking

Private Group Bookings

  • 5 week course at your chosen location
  • Up to 10 babies
  • £250
  • 50% deposit required on booking


  • 5 week course at a hired venue
  • £60 course
  • 50% deposit required on booking

Preparation suggestions;

  • Babies will need their clothing removed, nappies are optional
  • Bring with you a change of clothes, nappies in case of accidents, milk, a familiar toy or comforter
  • Please ensure you have sought the advice of any healthcare professionals before participating in the Baby Massage Classes, if necessary
  • It is also not advised to massage your baby up to a week after their vaccinations

It is expected that babies are not always 'in the mood' for a massage. Demonstrations and recaps are available each week. Please do not worry if your baby cries, has an accident or needs feeding. The sessions last up to 45 minutes. (Your baby will not be massaged for this length of time.) This time allows for preparations, baby's individual needs, questions, recaps and a refreshing drink afterwards.

You will be the only person who will massage your baby.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information, we’d love to hear from you.