Pay as you go with loyalty card scheme

Tiny Stompers offers the flexibility to simply pay as you go. You also receive a loyalty card per family, allowing you to build up your stamps and claim the 10th session absolutely free!

  • £5 per child per session
  • Loyalty card gives you the 10th session free (no expiry)

Family friendly policy for Pay as you go scheme

  • £5 for first child attending
  • £3 for their sibling
  • £1 for any additional siblings
  • (no family pays more than £10 per session)

Pay in advance scheme

If you prefer to pay for 10 sessions in advance that’s absolutely fine!

  • £45 for 10 sessions per child (£4.50 per session)
  • The 10 sessions need be used within 16 weeks of payments being made. There is no refund for unused sessions within this time.
  • Cannot be used in conjunction with the loyalty card scheme.

Group/party bookings

Please contact me for group/party booking prices and details and we can discuss your requirements.